Good design has never been more important for the success of your business. Motivara Corporation is a graphic design studio based in Redmond, Washington. We help customers grow their business by improving their image and communicating with clarity. We serve Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle, the pacific northwest, and nationwide USA. We are a full service graphic design group specializing in creative interactive and print design, brand and identity systems, brochures and collateral, print management, strategic marketing, product promotions, and package design. We eliminate the guesswork of taguchi optimization and multivariate methods by applying proven design principles to create high performance websites and landing pages based on the balance, harmony, and rhythym. We help increase conversion rates by designing pages right the first time. Our goal is to build an effective program of communication that delivers your custom message. We never let our design upstage your content. We also consult on database and knowledge systems, information design, communication planning, extreme makeover. Site design by Motivara Corporation. Professional online portfolio. High-end graphic design, corporate identity, print design, web design, visual engineering, training media, posters, icons, exhibits, manuals, invitations, advertising, newsletters, specialty, UI, user interface, annual reports, kinetic typography, letterhead, business card, cd dvd book cover, custom, visual, complexity, simplification. Alyce N Hoggan Alyce Hoggan past clients include Committee on Publication for the State of Washington, Microsoft, Bellevue Community College, King County Council, BetterPhoto, Brant Photographers, Pennsylvania Commission, PPG, Bayer, Applied Carbon Technology, Travelers Aid, Quaker State, Carnegie Museum, Philip Pelusi, University of Pittsburgh, Tuscarora Plastics, Pietros, and Marina Garden. She has also volunteered her design services to nonprofit organizations such as Microsoft Alumni Foundation,, and kynamatrix. James Dunn worked with Microsoft as a software engineer and database consultant for 12 years. His past clients include Intel, Allied Signal, Mirage Resorts, Barnes and Noble, MicroAge, and Honeywell. Mr. Dunn was the architect of ZDATA for MicroAge and Database Hammer (DBHammer) included in the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit. Ms. Hoggan holds a Master of Design from CMU Carnegie Mellon University. She has studied under Mervin Kurlansky, Michael Peters, FHK Henrion, Fritz Gottschalk, Ruedi Ruegg, Jayme Odgers, April Greiman, Michael Bierut, and Edgar Reinhardt. Ms. Hoggan is also the founder and executive director of kynamatrix Research Network. Skip Franklin is also Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at PassAlong Networks.